Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Bay St. Lawrence is a picturesque fishing village nestled at the northern-most tip of Cape Breton Island with breathtaking views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Cabot Strait, and the Highlands mountains.

In Bay St. Lawrence, generations of closely tied families have weathered winters on a belly full of salt fish, waiting for the summer call of the seas. The sense of family, our attachment to community, and our spirit of hard work are powerful influences on the life of our fishing community.

Since the 1800's, when Bay St. Lawrence was founded as a small Scottish settlement, people of all backgrounds have been welcomed to the Village and have contributed to our Celtic heritage.

In the beginning, people came to fish and farm. Currently visitors make the trek to Bay St. Lawrence to hike the magnificent mountains which tower above our seaside village and to kayak our coastline, to view first hand, the rugged cliffs.

Many also come her to explore the coast in a whale watch boat for the chance to marvel at ninety foot long fin whales breaching just a mile off the Bay St. Lawrence wharf. After listening to the music of whales aboard a hydrophone equipped boat, visitors stay in our community to take in the Celtic music festivals and events where local fiddlers play traditional tunes.

Our fishermen are happy to sell lobster, crab, sole and halibut, caught fresh in the morning. Organic and absolutely delicious, fresh seafood is also available in our local restaurant.

The residents of Bay St. Lawrence welcome you to our community. Come watch the whales or relax while listening to the local fiddle music while watching the spectacular sunsets on the ocean.

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