About The Bay St. Lawrence Community Centre

Bay St Lawrence Community Centre OutingThe Centre was created in 1999 as a result of community groups and activists banding together to transform the abandoned elementary school building into a vibrant community resource centre. We are a not for profit organisation but we accept donations.

Nestled at the Northern most tip of Cape Breton Island between the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Highland Mountains, the Community Centre is located centrally in the small rural fishing community of Bay St. Lawrence.

The Mission of the Community Centre is to serve the social, health and recreational needs of the Bay St Lawrence (and area) Community by providing a Centre for activities.

Our Vision is a Community that faces the challenges of the future strong in mind and body, connected as a society, drawing on its traditions and serving as a leading presence in the North of Cape Breton Island.

Living under one roof and working together to fortify the health and well being of the entire community are:

  • A preschool centre
  • Laundromat
  • Teen center
  • Gym facilities
  • Café
  • Health and wellness room
  • CAPSITE (public internet access)
  • Public Washrooms
  • Tourist information centre
  • Library
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Music programs
  • Play ground
  • Early intervention programs
  • Upgrading and continued learning programs
  • Seniors programming
  • Cultural activities such as festivals and events.
  • Click here to see the full list of our services


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